twenty four hours, two babies

When the bone crunching tiredness has taken over and you are seriously considering duct taping a dummy to the baby/babies (I definitely thought it was “duck”tape, but that makes no sense – why would ducks need tape?) the days roll into nights and it’s difficult to feel like you have achieved anything.

I have to remind myself that the biggest win is to keep them alive and ideally not leave them on a bus – bonus points for making it look like it was super easy and not remotely boring.

So, to make myself feel like I’ve been productive, here are the stats for a typical 24 hours:

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two eggs, one sperm

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Three weeks before shock early birth…

I found out I was having twins on a cold evening in January while my husband played 5-aside.

I didn’t feel pregnant at all, so to be told there were two in there felt like I was being punk’d – I cried at the thought of my poor body being ravaged by the imminent onset of stretch marks.

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