Hello reader(s)/mum. My name is Ellie, I live in Hackney & in June 2016 I had twin boys cut from my body by a medical professional 8 weeks before they were due…

With all this rest I am getting looking after the two helpless little rats, I thought “what could I do to fill the endless hours of free time I now have?” I came to the conclusion, after dismissing charity work and other, more worthwhile, tasks, that I could probably write a blog. With absolutely no writing experience to speak of, it seemed like the sensible thing to do – especially with the lack of parenting blogs out there.


Just to be clear, I have no idea what I am doing in my new role as “mother of twins” so any advice that I inadvertently offer should be followed with care….Hopefully I will prove that if I can do this, then anyone can.

If you would like to read about my muddled attempts to keep the boys alive or if you just want to judge my spelling (I am really good at it so good luck with that) then you have come to the right place. Equally, if you are just on the way to work, have forgotten your headphones & don’t want to interact with anyone, here is as good a place as any to kill time.

For flatteringly altered pictures of babies (and occasionally me) feel free to follow me on Instagram.

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