two eggs, one sperm

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Three weeks before shock early birth…

I found out I was having twins on a cold evening in January while my husband played 5-aside.

I didn’t feel pregnant at all, so to be told there were two in there felt like I was being punk’d – I cried at the thought of my poor body being ravaged by the imminent onset of stretch marks.

Other people’s reactions were a mixed bag and it didn’t help that I dished out the news as if someone had died. Some classic ‘two for the price of one’ jokes followed (it would be a lot less daunting if it were some sort of BOGOF deal but sadly it’s two for the price of two and you only get one lot of maternity leave).

“are there twins in your family?” …there are now.

“oh my god you are going to be huge” …yup!

My favourite response was from one of my friends who said “no offence, but that’s my worst nightmare”. I didn’t like the ‘double blessing’ reaction as it made me feel guilty for not thinking it was going to be all sunshine and matching outfits; it was nice to hear that it was ok that I wasn’t particularly looking forward to it.

In the end though, it is frowned upon to give away your least favourite and you just have to accept that having twins, like smoking in school*, makes you look really cool.

And thank fuck it wasn’t triplets.

*I never smoked in school – I am assuming this is why I was never cool.


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